Saturday, February 13, 2010

1st Annual LA Street Food Fest

Yes, My first post of the year is about food! I wonder if this is a sign? Raw Materials was one of the sponsors of the 1st LA Street Food Fest, so when Celia had asked me if I would be interested in helping out at their table, I said yes (but in my head I was saying "HELL YEAH!").

The event was at the LA Center Studios and thank goodness for VIP parking! Last minute, they had me pick up 11 reams of paper/cardstock! I was able to fit them all in an IKEA bag!

Anyway, all the food trucks I've been hearing of from time to time from Celia, Jim and others were there and quite a few more I've never heard of! A few of the trucks adjusted their menus, paring it down, for quicker service. Too bad not all of them made that adjustment. More than a fwe of the lines were just insane!

Some of the Trucks present:
The Cool Haus truck had a number of Ice Cream Sandwiches
Cool Haus

Uncle Lau's Island BBQ Truck had Hawaiian style BBQ in sandwiches. I tried the bbq pork and the rib sandwiches, they were ONO-licious!
Uncle Lau's BBQ

I've been meaning to try The Grilled Cheese Truck for some time now. Unfortunately, I was not able to sample their food today. The line was too long, so I will catch them later on the road.
The Grilled Cheese Truck

The eatfrysmith Truck basically had french fries with different toppings. I tried the Kimchee fries and I liked the kimchee but the fries were no longer hot by the time I got it.
Eat Fry Smith

The Ludo Bites Truck adjusted their menu to only one item so their lines flew! The truck is run by top Chef Ludo Lefebvre. I was not a big fan of the fried chicken dish the truck prepared. Hard to describe.
Ludo Bites

He was frequently asked out for interviews.
Ludo Lefebvre

Celia brought a few things back to the Raw Materials table from the Sweets Truck. I did not try any of it but everyone else gave it "yummies"
Sweets Truck

The Phamish Truck. I wanted to try this truck but by the time I saw it, I was already full! I guess I will have to chase them at a later date.

The event was cleared for 10,000 people and by 3pm they had to stop letting people in. One event organizer, had to tell the people still in line to get in that they had exceeded their limit by 5,000 people and could not let anymore in the grounds. I believe him.
Looking South from the top

Raw Materials had their DIY Den table where people and make Valentine's Day Cards.
The kids enjoyed it.
Valentine's Card Making table

So did the adults.
The Adults got into it too.

Food Trucks Photo Links

So now, when I call my friends telling them I want to chase a food truck, they won't automatically assume that I am talking about the Kogi Truck, who btw wasn't there today.

Let's eat!