Monday, December 15, 2003

I've always been a bit wary of starting one of these things. I worry about the strangers who will be reading it. Then I realize that I shouldn't be worried so much about the strangers that will be reading this but the people who know me. There have been many times in the past, when something I said came back and bit me in the butt! Now, it will be in writing? I had originally intended to start this in the new year, but opening day jitters and all got me to thinking I should ease into it. So... Well, writing a journal is supposed to be therapeutic and I guess I do have control over what I write, at least for the most part. Besides, as some people have pointed it, it can also be a lot of fun. So here goes nothing! ..... Thanks Nat!
Yesterday was my church's Christmas party. The party itself was nice. There was a lot of food and "fun was had by all" but the thing that really stood out that day was what happened before the party. One of the kids, Sammi, from church had asked me if I can give her a ride to the Christmas party because her parents were preparing some food and would be getting to the party a little late. So I told her that it was not a problem if she doesn't mind hanging out with "Uncle Angel" the whole afternoon.
On the way to the party, which was about a 40-minute drive, an accident occurred on the freeway that closed all the lanes. It was at a point where there was a mile and a half between exits so there was no getting out. I called as many people from church, that was coming from the same direction, to tell them to take whatever alternate route they can because the freeway was closed and there was no getting through this way. So we sat in the car in the middle of the freeway for a good half-hour or so. Then Sammi started a question and answer game that started simple enough; you know like, "what's your favorite food, color, car, month, etc." Then from out of the blue she came up with "What girl has your full attention right now?" From there, the questions just got weirder and sillier. I'm sure the people in the other cars were wondering why we were laughing so hard. We finally made it to the party, though we were an hour or so late.
Looking back at all the reasons for starting this blog, I guess one of the most compelling reason is that there are too many things that go on in this world that are important enough not to let others know that it happened. Even if it is just an idea that someone told you in passing. If I found it interesting enough to write about it maybe someone would find interesting enough to act on it, isn't that how things get started? Let's see if we can start something.
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