Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Disneyland in May

Amanda and I finally got around to going back to Disneyland this month. It has been getting harder and harder to make time to get to the park. This time around, we had a little game and a bet going. We had an alphabet scavenger hunt with our cameras. We each had to try to take a picture of something that started with every letter of the alphabet. If we were both able to go through the alphabet, each of us had to list three things that the other had to have taken a picture of during the day as a tie breaker.

As it turned out, we both missed the letter "k" and "n" but I won the tie breaker.

Does anybody recognize the lady with the microphone?

Of course he was the first one we ran into.

Anyone ever stop to take a picture of this?
Walt and Mickey

or this?

This is one of our favorite shows to watch.
Billy Hill and the Hillbillies

We were staked out at one of our favorite places to watch the parade when this caught my eye. It was just bobbing up and down over the crowd. I thought it was funny, don't know why...
Floating above the crowd

I saw a few of these seeing eye dogs in training throughout the park.
Seeing eye dog in training

It wasn't until the parade that I learned that the Narnia movies were a Disney production. Here is Prince Caspian. I haven't even seen the first one yet.
Prince Caspian

Thing was she got more cheers from the crowd than Prince Caspian.
and the crowd cheers!



This picture is for the Yee family in Hawaii, New Mexico and Arizona. Hope you are all well!
Place to meet and make friends


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