Thursday, July 10, 2008

Joint Aspiration

So my ankle has been bothering me quite a bit lately. I've been limping along th whole weekend. I figure that I sprained something and that as busy as I've been lately (hahaha, lately...) Ijust have not been giving it enough time to heal. This morning, it was the worst it has ever been. It was so bad that I did not have any mobility in my ankle and that no position did not include pain... and I MEAN PAIN!
I thought, "ok, Ithink it is time to go to the hospital with this thing." Discomfort is one thing...

At the emergency room, I told the admitting nurse that I may have sprained it real bad and that I could not move it. So she had ordered a bunch of X-Rays to be taken.

Once a doctor took a look at the ankle, he said that it is pretty swollen. He suggested a joint aspiration to test for Gout and to evacuate the joint of some fluids. The word Gout didn't even register, all I heard was "evacuate the joint of fluids". I know that was going to involve a needle and more than likely a big one.
I like to think I have a high tolerance for pain but if a needle is involved I am as some people put it, "A BIG BABY!"

So the doctor had the nurse prepare an aspiration kit and it was not looking good!

Still conscious
Yes, that's my foot on top of all that.

The doctor said he has never taken so much liquid out of an ankle before. I wasn't sure it that was an accomplishment or how messed up my foot was, do I get the prize or him?

Aspiration kit
The kit.

all done

Surprisingly enough, I was still conscious here. Then they gave me something called Dilandit for the pain (like they couldn't give it to me before!?). After that I was really loopy. That Dilandit stuff was really tripping me out.
Somehow, I was discharged and when I got home I was out like a light! What day is it anyway?


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