Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Not in the loop

I was talking to Stephanie this morning. Apparently she says that there are some people at church who are not being informed of a lot of the activities or goings on. That people are being kept out of the "loop". I'm not sure that's entirely true. I don't think that people are being KEPT out of the loop so much as people not PUTTING themselves in the "loop". Granted, as small as our church is the passing of information should not be such a problem so what's happening? The information is out there in one form or another or else things just don't happen. Announcements, programs, flyers, emails, and the most unreliable form, word of mouth. So why is it that some people are still not aware that this is going on or that is happening? The thing is with any sharing of information there are going to be gaps. Someone is going to hear about one thing or another, so who's responsible for the exchange? Should Cornerstone Make sure that 100% of the congregation get the announcement? At what point should the people missing out on the information take charge of the situation and seek it out? When and where does the point of diminishing returns take effect?

Song of the Day: "Before The River Came" by 4Him

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