Sunday, May 16, 2004

Too Troy, Or Not Too Troy?

I was watching A&E's presentation of Troy: The Passion of Helen last night. They showed some outtakes from the movie that is now in the theaters along with commentaries from certain stars from the movie, Arianna Huffington (she wrote a book "The Gods of Greece"), the director of the movie and Camille Paglia ( I guess because the A&E presentation was made from Hlen's perspective).
Anyway, from the "reviews" I received from people who have seen the movie already, the reasons for watching this movie are:

Orlando Bloom (not a good enough reason, for me)
Brad Pitt (definitely, not a good enough reason, for me)
Eric Bana (don't even know who he is)
Peter O'Toole (Him I might go see)
Diane Kruger (who?)
The Achilles vs Hector fight scene (I hear it would be the only reason to watch the movie)
Soundtrack (laughable)
Dialogue (I am told very bad)

I wonder if Orlando (Paris) and Bean (Odysseus) meet in the movie, would they recognize each other and leave to Greece and return to Middle Earth to help Frodo?

Album of the Day: "The Fox" by Elton John


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