Tuesday, May 18, 2004

What Is Offensive?

There was a little debate at the college today among the computer services nerds about school policy regarding what is "explicit materials". It has been a long standing policy that if someone is viewing pornography and it is in plain sight of everyone in the open computer lab, that the person will be told that it is "not allowed".
Now the policy does not specify "pornography" it reads "explicit materials". Apparently, there is a question about the legalities of specifically saying pornography in the "Use and Conduct Policies" of the open computer lab. Personally, I believe it is the college brass covering their... uh... "brass".
Anyway, there were a group of students downloading and watching the video of the beheading of Nicholas Berg. Some were saying, "there's nothing wrong with that..." and others were saying that should fall under the "explicit materials" policy.
What is worse? Looking at naked bodies or the gruesome beheading of another human being? Why has it become a choice of one or the other? Has society gotten so de-sensitized that sex and violence is "no big thing"?

I weep...

Song of the Day: "Give Me Some Truth" by John Lennon


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