Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stupid Drivers

As if driving on the freeway was dangerous enough with shootings, car chases (fast and slow). We still have to deal with these people. This was not during rush hour traffic, where speeds are in the single digits, though that is still not an excuse. This was taken in the late morning hours, around 10 am or so, on the 5 north by the Citadel.
I saw this potential accident in the corner of my eye when he passed me the first time. I wasn't sure what I saw.
Then his lane slowed enough for me to see what he was doing!

I was on the way to a funeral and NO I was not driving so keep your pointing fingers down. I was trying to be very obvious and not hiding the fact that I was taking his picture. He took no notice of me snapping away and he even turned the page a couple of times!
I hear stories of people doing strange things while driving on the freeway, make-up, eating a bowl of cereal, etc. but I have never seen someone so oblivious of everything else that they would not notice someone taking their picture from the car right next to them.

Be careful out there folks!


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