Saturday, July 19, 2008

My photo is in a museum

I was asked by the Flickr group, Water: A California Story, to add one of my photos to their group's photo pool 3 months ago. It wasn't one of my better photos (I like to think that I've been improving) but it was pretty nice to be asked so I added it. Then 6 weeks ago, I got received this message,
"Congratulations! Your photo has been selected to be on view in the Water: A
California Story exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum."

With an invitation to see the digital display and the rest of the Water Exhibit at a preview on July 18. Since it was a digital display I wasn't really expecting much, maybe a kiosk with a monitor and the photos cycling in. But still, in the back of my (swelling) head, I was thinking, "A photo I took is in a major museum! Cool!" So Friday afternoon I headed down to see what this was all about.
The drive down. I've always liked the way they put these freeway lights.
Freeway light posts

In front of the Natural History Museum there is the Casa Del Prado Theater. It has this awesome bas relief in the front over the main entrance.

The San Diego Natural History Museum.
San Diego Natural History Museum

Sure enough it was in an alcove just before the entrance to the California Waterways Exhibit room. There was a few plaques that explained where the photo collection came from and instructions on how to view all the photos online.
viewing alcove

They also had an awesome dinosaur exhibit. This was cool so I though I would throw it in.

The museum had a few booths in the main lobby with a lot of information on California waterways. The museum itself had a few other exhibits, unfortunately, I was not able to see it all as I got there fairly late and they were closing.
In case you couldn't see it in the photo of the alcove, this was the photo they chose. Like I said it isn't one of my better ones.
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