Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Every 3 months or so I have to go to the Pacer Clinic at the hospital in Downey to download some files.
My hard drive is internal

My defibrillator stores a bunch on information about my heart that I can't even begin to understand. The download takes about 15 minutes and the technician will sometimes control my heart through the defibrillator. I still get a kick when he "paces" my heart, through a "laptop", he will speed up my heart.

Apparently, since I've had this defibrillator for 4 years now (Has it been that long?!!!), it is getting close to the time for an upgrade. So I guess in "3 - 6 months" I will be getting an upgrade in equipment.
So if your car ever needs a jump, I'm the guy to call. I'm thinking with the upgrade I'll be able to juice up my iPod on the fly?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes!!! More pain?!?!? Hope not! I'll be with you, at least in spirit. I can't stand the sight of blood!!!

11:37 PM  

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