Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jessica's visit

An friend from Canada was in Los Angeles for a few days after taking a cruise down in Mexico. I met Jessica briefly back in 2005 when she came down to visit a mutual friend and we ended up keeping in touch.
When my family and I went up to Vancouver for a vacation 2 years ago, Jessica was an awesome guide! She took a lot of time out of her schedule to show us around and to warn us away from "problem areas" this is where she made the "bang bang hand motions." One evening she took us to this great Jazz club/restaurant, Capone's.
Vancouver (4)

Jessica and her friend Wylie (sp?) had 4 more days after their cruise so what did they do? Shop, shop, eat, shop, shop, eat, oh yeah Knotts' Berry Farm, and shop. We were supposed to go to Universal Studios one day but Santee Alley got in the way and we shopped instead!
Shopping aside, it was great spending time and catching up a bit.

You decide
"where do you want to eat?"
"I don't know, where do YOU want to eat?"
"You tell me, where do you want to eat?"

Last day of shopping
South Coast Plaza parking structure at 5:30pm on a Wednesday and we need to get to LAX by 6:50pm and she still wanted to stop at Lee's Sandwiches in Westminster for a Vietnamese sandwich... We pulled up to terminal 3 exactly at 6:48pm!!


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