Friday, January 30, 2009

Chasing the Kogi (again!)

Since I've introduced a Few friends to the Kogi BBQ Phenomenon, a few have wanted to "chase the truck" over again and I don't blame them. Last night Wayne wanted to go for another kogi chase so with Jolene in tow we "tried" to get to them in Little Tokyo. The operative word there is tried. Unfortunately, we got there too late and they had cut off the line in order to get to their next stop at the Miracle Mile on Wilshire. There is Wayne and Jolene coming back empty handed.
cut off

So, we hung out for a little bit in the Japanese Village. We were waiting for Celia, who just became a member of some Chinese lawyers association... yeah I don't know. I had to deliver the Hello Kitty loot that she had me pick up for her Wednesday. We decided to wait awhile and get our Kogi on at their next stop. It was a little harder to find parking in that area. There was not a lot of street parking on Wilshire and the streets perpendicular to Wilshire were either residential permits required (south of Wilshire) or taken by the residents of the dozen apartments north of Wilshire. There were a few pay lots and one shuts down at 10pm. And no one really knew which corner the truck was going to end up on. When we got there, there were people at each corner speculating/hoping that the truck will end up where they were standing. Then as the time came, everyone started heading to one corner and sure enough that's where the truck ended up. This was the line in front of us....
Line in front

and the line behind us...
Line behind

Anyway, we finally got our Kogi love and all was once again right in the world.


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