Friday, January 09, 2009

Just another Thursday

Well the Christmas lights and decorations came down today. In putting the stuff in their boxes, I had to figure out where to put them in the garage!
I had spent all summer emptying out the garage of junk (still not done) if anything was going back in, it was going to be organized!
I was going to put all the Christmas decorations in the "attic" of the garage. The problem was that I hadn't gotten to that part of the garage yet.
I wanted to clear just enough space for the Christmas stuff.... Talk about Blast From the Past! Here are a few things I found...

These were Laura's, they've been up in the attic since 1989!
beer collection

I never heard of this beer. Jim told me they had rebus puzzles in the cap, it did!
lucky lager

Laura was such a big Star Wars fan!
star wars tin

I have no idea why there are two of these things. They are pillows in the shape of shields from the Excalibur Hotel in Vegas.

Later that night I went to the Downtown ArtWalk. Dave Bullock was displaying photos taken by the Skid Row Photography Club. There were a lot of fantastic photos! Penelope, Dave's prettier half greeted me at the Raw Materials' door. She told me that she was reading this blog and got a kick out my 52 Weeks of Music project. Penelope made these incredible carmelized lemon bars that I will need to walk off for the next couple of days! Thanks a lot Penelope!
Kathy was also hanging out tonight. We got to playing with our new iPhones and hamming it up a little...



After Raw Materials closed for the night and Jim, Celia and Wonton headed home, Kathy and I thought we would check out the Association Bar next to Cole's. Just like Celia said it was a nice bar. The place is nice, cozy and still lively. The party we were next to had one girl so drunk that the place actually cut her off and told her friends that once they finished their drinks that they had to take their friend home (more like out of there).
So, who's up for the next ArtWalk?

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Blogger Ryan said...

It's all about Lucky Lager, best $5 for a case of beer that you can spend.
Because of it's price it has a negative connotation, but it's way better than the other cheapos, like natty ice, or keystone...or so I've heard. :-)

The puzzles are pretty sweet too.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous shannon said...

i can't go to artwalk again until april because of my theatre schedule. :(

11:39 PM  

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