Monday, October 16, 2006

Club 33 Day at Disneyland

Finally got the chance to go to Club 33 in Disneyland! Berda thank you very much for the invite. Anna had a great time too!
We had a little hitch getting in the park but once handled we were off!
Club 33 (5)

The thing was, every time Anna and I stopped for a photo-op or to look in a window at the shops the rest of the group disappears!
Club 33 (6)
Club 33 (7)

Then there were the parades. Well, small ones being led by none other than the man!
Club 33 (8)

Anna and I had originally planned on getting to Disneyland earlier and have some beniers at Downtown Disney, but we were both running late. So we ended up with this instead...
Club 33 (9)

Life is unfair sometimes...sigh.
I guess after a while the rest of the group realized that we were no longer in tow. So Kathy calls me from the line to the Haunted Mansion and said, "Did you guys ditch us ALREADY?!!!" I told her when they ditched us we stopped for a "light" breakfast and that we would catch up to them after we got off the Haunted Mansion oursleves.
Once we got off the ride, I got another call from Kathy. They were now in line for the Pirates of the Carribean and just getting inside the building.
Club 33 (11)
Club 33 (12)

By then it was too late to join them in line. So Anna and I hung out and watched the pirates show between the French quarter and the river. Not too many people know of all these "street" shows all over Disneyland. They are fun to watch because there is a greater amount of audience participation and more than a few of them are hilarious!
We finally rejoined the group when they got out of the Pirates of the Carribean ride and we all went to the Indiana Jones ride.
Club 33 (13)
Club 33 (14)

Once we got out of that, it was time to get to Club 33!
Club 33 (15)
We still had a little time. Not everyone in our party had arrived yet. So in typical group fashion, cameras came out, our group was big enough that we sort of caused some congestion in the French Quarter section of New Orleans Square as a band walked by...
Club 33 (16)
Club 33 (18)
Club 33 (19)
Club 33 (20)
Club 33 (21)
You can take the elevator...
Club 33 (22)

or the stairs...
Club 33 (23)
We were in the Trophy Room
Club 33 (24)
Club 33 (25)
Club 33 (26)
Club 33 (27)
Club 33 (28)
Club 33 (29)
The place settings were really nice. In fact it was too nice. I was thinking, "Man, these are nice plates! I would have to be very careful with these." Just as I got doe thinking about it, the servers took them away! Hahaha I guess they're just for decoration, not eating hahahaha.
Club 33 (30)
Thank you Berda and Hank for inviting me!
Looking down the table...
Club 33 (34)
What the ?!!!!! Derrick!!!
Club 33 (35)
And these were just the appetizers... Let's see... lobster tails, crab claws, shrimp, pasta salad, caesar salad, all types of cheeses, salami, lox and capers and more stuff I passed on.
Club 33 (36)
Oh, I mean those were the appetizers, heh heh heh...
Club 33 (37)
The staff informed us of the choices of entrees. Fish, chicken or beef. Ok, so they really didn't say that. It was halibut with pasta, grilled chicken breast in a onion sauce and New York steak. Most people opted for the steak and chicken a few chose the halibut, but the halibut folks made out big time! Anna went for the halibut and...
Club 33 (38)

It doesn't look it, but it was a huge bowl! She gave me a taste of the halibut and it was delicious! It was served on top of pasta with chunks, not pieces of, but chunks of lobster and also topped with a lobster tail. The sauce was really good too!
I had the New York steak. It was great. I was a little worried when the staff said that they cook it medium unless I wanted it cooked more. I prefer rare, but it was still very good.
Club 33 (39)For dessert, we had (I say "we" because Anna shared what I brought back from the dessert table, hahaha) chocolate mousse, a custard type cake, a macaroon and this lemon raspberry concoction in the glass that was INCREDIBLE!! Don't know what it was but I knew that if Anna didn't help me with it I would have ended up in a sugar coma! Hmmmmmm...
Club 33 (42)
Of course we HAD to get our Club 33 mouse ears!
Club 33 (43)After lunch it turned out that Hank and I couldn't cover our bill so they put us to work...
I took reservations...
Club 33 (48)
and Hank seated people as they came in...
Club 33 (57)This is the other dining room...
Club 33 (49)Balcony overlooking New Orleans Square
Club 33 (51)
Club 33 (52)
Club 33 (54)
Hank and Berda in the elevator.
Club 33 (55)After lunch we all headed over to California Adventure. I have never seen the Aladdin Show over there and Derrick says it is a terrific show. So...
Club 33 (61)
Club 33 (62)
Club 33 (63)
Club 33 (64)
Club 33 (66)
Club 33 (69)
Club 33 (72)It was a very good show. The sets and how they transitioned them were awesome.
Thank you Berda for the invite to an awesome day!!
The rest of the pictures are here.


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