Friday, October 27, 2006

Typical Friday

Funeral, Disneyland, Mabo.

Today was the only day my god-daughter, Amanda had available for our monthly Disneyland "fix" but I had a funeral to attend with the Patriot Guard Riders. I told her that she can either go with me to the funeral then we can go to Disneyland afterwards or she can go to straight to Disneyland and I will meet up with her after I was done. She decided to go with me to the funeral. I glad that she came with me.
PGR for Spc Jose Perez (19)
PGR for Spc Jose Perez (52)
She even held up a flag as the honor guard/pall bearers escorted the casket into the church. A couple of the guys asked her if she wanted to ride with them, they had extra helmets. I guess she wasn't up to that today. Maybe next time.

Then off to Disneyland.
I guess you can say we are "seasoned" Disney-holics. We do not rush, run, self-inflict whiplash when we get into Disneyland. Though there are still a ton of stuff to see. I enjoy people watching and this is one of the best places to do that.
Disneyland in October
When the mother sees the daughter behind the giant Lego block, in her best motherly advise voice, "Oh my gosh honey! Be careful up there." The dad is right there cheering her on to go higher...
Disneyland in October (2)
Now there was a lot of hype going into the opening of this store. There were articles in the LA Times, etc. We checked it out and we were very disappointed. Not so much in the prices, it lived up to the high sticker range, but I think I would still rather go to the World of Disney Store.
Disneyland in October (6)
It's not often you see a crack in the cast members' characters, but this guy was nearing the end of his rope with the group behind him. Heck, I was already at the end of mine but then again I could walk away.
Disneyland in October (9)
Any other place in LA and the cops would have told him to move along.
Disneyland in October (10)
I don't remember my parents ever doing this when my sisters and I were younger but I don't think this girl is into the whole matching shirts on vacation bit.
Disneyland in October (12)
When you try to do the whole park in the morning, this is what happens in the afternoon...
Disneyland in October (14)
And of course I save this one for last. I WIN AGAIN!!!


Blogger Ryan said...

NO WAY you were at Disneyland on Friday! Sage and Aspen went for their very first time on Friday.
1) I was the crazy parent racing around, until I took Sage on Dumbo (her second attraction following the carousel (I stood in line for Dumbo while she rode with Amber). I have a memory of riding Dumbo with my dad when I was a wee little lad, (I think it's a memory, it could just be a created memory from looking at photos of my dad and I riding it together) and I really wanted to ride Dumbo with her. She did too, we asked her if she wanted to go see Mickey and Minnie (What! you have to stand in line now???! I definitely don't remember that part of my youth) and she said, "No, I want to ride Dumbo!" :-) After riding the flying elephant I way mellowed out, much to the appreciation of Amber.
2) I too could no fathom the number of matching folks out and about. I actually overheard (while standing in line for Dumbo) one family discussing what color shirts they should all wear the next day. This particular day they were all wearing orange. One of them suggested black...BLACK? Are you kidding me? It was 90 degrees outside and he wants them all to wear black!?

I don't know if you caught the announcement or not, but Amber is now blogging, and if you want you can go to her site to see some pictures from disneyland. or you can go to

BTW, you should ride your bike up and we can go riding together on some amazing roads in the mountains above Ojai.

2:17 PM  

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