Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ghost Town Disney

I went to Disneyland today with Samantha to meet up with Daniel, Cammi and her brother's family visiting from South Carolina. We first had lunch at Kabuki in Cerritos, so we didn't get to Disneyland til about 2:00.
Last time I was in the Disneyland area was for lunch at Tortilla Joe's in Downtown Disney and it was PACKED! Today was so different!

Empty Disney (3)

Empty Disney (4)

Empty Disney (5)
This was at about 2:30!

Empty Disney (6)

Empty Disney (7)

Empty Disney (9)

Empty Disney (10)
When was the last time you saw Space Mountain like this?

Empty Disney (15)

Empty Disney (16)
The crowd was so light that we stayed and chatted for a while.

Empty Disney (17)

Empty Disney (18)
By this time it was about 3:30-ish!

Empty Disney (19)
There were almost as many people in the band as there were in the crowd watching.

Empty Disney (21)
I used to play this instrument but not for marching... no way!

Empty Disney (22)

Empty Disney (23)
Meeting up with Daniel and Cammi at California Adventure, when a park photographer intercepted us.

Empty Disney (24)
Samantha, Cammi and Brianna... posers...

Empty Disney (25)
Ok... me too...

Empty Disney (26)
How she ended up on the ground... I have no idea!

Empty Disney (27)

Empty Disney (28)
Something caught Samantha's eye.

Empty Disney (29)
"Hey Brianna! Check this out!"

Empty Disney (31)
The tree is spiked!

Empty Disney (35)
Overheard at the park:
Two girls were dragging their boyfriends trying to catch up to Mrs. Incredible for a picture. One boyfriend yelled out, "Nevermind! Forget it she's fake!"
It was too good to pass up, so I asked the boyfriend, "Dude! what do you mean by that?" After about 5 seconds, he started laughing, "I have no idea!"

Empty Disney (36)
Fortunately, Mr. Incredible was also on his way backstage and he stopped for a picture.

Empty Disney (37)
Cammi and Daniel. These two are just too cute together!

Empty Disney (38)
I'm not sure of the fear level, but his and the other 3D shows makes Brianna very uncomfortable.

Empty Disney (39)
She even tried to dance her way out of it.

Empty Disney (40)
But we sped her in...

Empty Disney (41)

Empty Disney (42)
Got her the glasses...

Empty Disney (45)
But she still couldn't relax (Click on the picture for a larger version).

Empty Disney (47)
When I first saw this I could have swore that it said "Comical Rounder"!

Empty Disney (48)

Empty Disney (49)
I've never been in California Adventure when it was getting dark.

Empty Disney (50)
When Cammi wants EARS, by golly she'll get EARS!

Empty Disney (52)

Empty Disney (53)
This was taken around 6:00! I felt like that family who had Wally World all to themselves!

Empty Disney (54)
Someone wanted a picture of Esmeralda.

Empty Disney (55)
Better late than never... LOL!

Hey Natalie! You asked Julie about what Eric wears on his feet?
Empty Disney (56)
There you go! Flip flops!


Anonymous natalie said...

HAHHAHA. thanks uncle angel. anyways. bradley played at disneyland yesterday for band. i told someone to tell you. but i dont think they did. ):

7:36 PM  

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