Thursday, December 28, 2006


Today was one of those everyone do your own thing days.
From what I understand some people went shopping (again!), others went to see shows, some gambled...
I went to Henderson to visit my Aunt Mila. She is definitely one of my favorite aunts. She isn't a blood relative, she is my mom's best friend, but for as long as I can remember she was always Auntie Mila. She took me out for some sushi back towards the strip. I would have liked to have had a longer visit, but it was still an awesome visit.

Later that evening, the group decided to try the buffet at the Paris Hotel. The drive there was slow. Even though it was a Thursday, the strip was at a crawl's pace.
Paris Buffet (1)
Paris Buffet (2)
Paris Buffet (3)
Paris Buffet (5)
Some people are already gearing up for the New Year's Eve party. I wonder what these beads are for? hmmmmm...
Paris Buffet (6)
So close...
Paris Buffet (7)
Paris Buffet (10)
Lori and Breanna (who refuses to take a normal picture).
I really need to take pictures sooner. We were already at dessert by the time I remembered to take out my camera.
Paris Buffet (11)
Traci, Kathy and mom
Paris Buffet (12)
Paris Buffet (13)
Mom really likes her sweets, how many cookies is that?
Paris Buffet (14)Paris Buffet (15)Paris Buffet (16)Paris Buffet (17)
Breanna just would not sit still for a normal picture.
Paris Buffet (19)
The Creme Brulee was so good!
Paris Buffet (20)
"Angel! why don't you just get another one?"
Paris Buffet (21)
Lori, Breanna and Traci
Paris Buffet (22)
Ada really likes her crab legs!
Paris Buffet (23)
Traci was reaching for a small jar of jam when she hit her head on the sneeze shield. Her Aunt Lori made her re-enact it for this picture. "C'mon, you have so many embarassing moments on me, let me have this one"
Paris Buffet (24)
They also asked me to take a picture of this. How did I miss this one?
Paris Buffet (25)
The Paris buffet also has a crepe bar. Sammi look what you missed!!
Paris Buffet (26)
The Paris buffet was ok. There were a few things that was disappointing but the company more than made up for it. No matter what we end up doing, we always have a lot of fun doing it.


Blogger Angel ABC said...

Hi Cuz:

You get to go on a road trip to Vegas; I get to go to Lansing, Mich. I visited a friend there. Great to see all the family photos. Looks like you had fun at Christmas and the days following. Have a safe and happy new year celebration!


Angel (in Chicago)

6:18 AM  

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