Friday, April 06, 2007

"Sorry all our operators are busy right now...."

I usually shoot pool with my buddy Joey Monday nights, but since I was going to be out of town for a while we tried to get in an extra night. Afterwards we have a bite to eat a number of places and then I would bring him back to his car at the pool hall.
Tonight on the way back, on the interchange from the 605 freeway north to the 91 freeway west, we see a car blocking the freeway and three people signaling us to slow down. There was an over-turned car half on and half off the freeway.

Crash (1)

I turned on my emergency lights and parked the car off to the right. Joey and I got out and asked if anyone was hurt. The three stopped when they saw the car and apparently the driver (Crash) was not hurt. When we got there, Crash was trying to turn his car back on its wheels. I told him that he can be hurt and not know it and that he should just sit down.
One of the ladies from the other car was calling 911 but she gave Joey her phone saying that she had dialed 911 but it was still ringing. She gave Joey the phone and Joey gave it to me. All I heard was "All our operators are busy right now, please stay on the line..." It repeated about 5 times in English and Spanish before an operator finally came on.
We were signaling cars coming through to slowly drive through when two other guys stopped to see if anyone needed help. They spoke to Crash for a while, then came up to us. They said that Crash had been drinking because they could smell alcohol on him. I didn't smell any alcohol when I spoke to Crash earlier but I definitely smelled it on these two new guys. One of them even told Crash to leave his car there and take off!

Crach (2)

By this time Crash was still trying to turn his car over. Definitely, not going to happen. The first emergancy vehicle showed up (about 10 minutes after I got off the phone with 911) but across the field on the 605 where the two other guys were parked and they quickly decided that they should take off before the CHP arrive. Once the second emergency vehicle showed up we all figured that's all we can do and left.

crash (3)

It is nice to know that there are still people who will stop and try to help when they come upon an accident. Of all the cars that passed by, half bothered to roll down their windows and ask if there was anyone hurt. Then there were those who just drove through... The three people who were at the scene first and stopped nice job. Crash's car was not that visible the way it was over-turned.


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