Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crabs, sushi, chicken and waffles!

Last weekend was an EATFEST!!! Berda had some old friends visiting her this weekend from San Francisco. They were initiated into the group's eating frenzy.

Lemon Butter Club meeting
First thing was to initiate them into the Lemon Butter Club! We had a meeting scheduled so they were dragged along. They really weren't putting up much of a fight anyway.
Derrick and I thought we would get things started and set a pace.
First plate!


Kathy thought she would set a realistic pace... right!
Only one?!

After the crab, Robert showed us the right way to eat ribs!
This is how you eat this!

Old members and the new members. Since they are from San Francisco, I guess we now have a Northern California Chapter!
table with new members

After more than 3 hours (yes 3 hours!), we walked around the casino to "walk off the meal" (read: check out the gift shop, poker room and the main lounge...). The main longe isn't as busy since the night club on the 2nd floor had their liquor license suspended.
main lounge

At the parking structure, James was checking out a security (secuity) camera taken out by a tall truck?
Tall truck?

Tokyo Lobby and Downtown Disney
Then the next evening it was sushi at Tokyo Lobby in San Gabriel. The only picture I have is in front after we all chowed down.
Tokyo Lobby

Then we got to Downtown Disney just as the firework show was in progress. By the time we parked the cars it was already over. Among the sights and sounds in Downtown Disney is a band called Alturas, their repertoire mainly consists of Bolivian and Peruvian folk music. There was a large crowd enjoying their music and a few people dancing (very well if I might add). There was so much to see that Kathy and Derrick could not decide what to look at...
Let's go there! No there!

In front of the House of Blues and the Build-A-Bear store.
In front of the House of Blues and Build A Bear

Of course you have to stop and get a bag of beignets at the Jazz Kitchen!
That's a bag of beignets!

If Berda is not around, you will never get a normal picture of Hank!
Never a normal picture!

Roscoe's and Chinatown
On their last day in town the visitors wanted to try another Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (apparently they visited the one in Long Beach and Pasadena), so the one in Hollywood was next. They definitely prefered the Hollywood location. But Vince was still hungry after lunch!
Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

Afterwards a final shopping trip in Chinatown.
The Plaza

No Berda!
No Berda!

This place is a maze!

After a few purchases, we made our good-byes and the visitors made their way to the airport. It was great meeting and making some new friends. We will definitely be keeping in touch.


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