Saturday, November 01, 2008

The WeHo Halloween Caranaval

I hear about it every year and usually after it is over. This year, I learned that a friend, Glenn, participates in the Halloween costume every year and after I saw some of his past costumes I knew I had to go see it first hand.
It looked like it was going to rain but I went anyway and am I glad I did. Once I got there I lucked out right away and found street parking (parking and many places was at $20) right at San Vicente and Melrose, it was a short walk from there to Santa Monica Blvd. It was 6:00pm and there were a good number of people there already walking around in costumes.
There were a lot of great costumes, a lot of really bad ones, and a TON of risque costumes. You be the judge.

Sean Penn and the guy from Reno 911, Michael Phelps and a dark angel
Sean Penn dressed as one of the cops in Reno 911, Michael Phelps and a dark angel.

What guy with make up?
She had a great costume and the guy she was with, the one with the bad skin just wouldn't get out of the picture!

This barbarian guy just kept grunting. I wonder if it is because of his thong...

Here is Glenn and Stanton with their "I can see Alaska" costume.

Looking for a groom
Bride looking for a groom.

Legalize me
Legalize me.

Captain America and Mz. Marvel
Captain America with Mz. Marvel on the right.

Edwarda Scissorhands

Richard Simmons needs to dance more.
Looks like Richard Simmons needs to do more Dancin' to the Hits!

bumper cars
I like this one! The bumper cars!

Hare Krishna
At first I thought they were in costumes but they were the real Hare Krishnas.

The Bail Out Triplets: The Financial Meltdown Boys
The Bailout Triplets aka the Financial Meltdown Boys.


Sheriff with Palin look-alike
Sheriff with a Palin look-alike.

Who cares?
Don't know, don't care!

Just cute
Let's see... A princess, the Queen of Hearts and Snow White (Thanks Jim).

Zombie and friends
A zombie and two wenches.

Clark Kent and Batgirl
Clark Kent and Batgirl.


Eggs and bacon
Eggs and bacon!

Telly Tubbies and pirate women
The Telly Tubbies with a lady pirate and a bloody knife girl.

Over-the-Hill Superheroes
Superhero has-beens?

The Mad Hatter, Alice and not-so-white Rabbit
The Mad Hatter, Sexy Alice and a not-so-white rabbit.

Adam and two silver Steves?
Adam with 2 silver Steves

Devil and fallen angel
Devil and fallen angel

Ghostbuster and friends
Ghostbuster and friends.

Smurfette and Sailor
Smurfette and a sailor.

Dr Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker.

Olive Oyl and Popeye
Olive Oyl and Popeye.

The NASA Dance team and sexy CHP
The NASA Dance Team and a sexy CHP officer.

The Costume Contest at the Bat Stage

Bat Stage

Costume contest host/hostess
The costume contest hostess/host...

Riding the giant ostrich
Lady riding an ostrich (a huge ostrich!). She was on stilts the whole evening until the contest.

Iron Man
Iron Man

The Tin Man
The Tin Man

Monarch butterfly
Monarch butterfly. The hostess asked him how long it took to sew his costume. When he said 2 days, the hostess yelled out, "now this is a gay man! A professionl seamstress would take at least 5 days!"

Mars Attack... again!
Mars Attack...Again!

The Mario Brothers
Mario Brothers

Adam and ?
Adam and 2 Steves

Glenn and Stanton made it to the top 6!

pair of cannibals
Pair of cannibals. Now they were scary!

The Singing Bush
The Singing Bush. When the crowd was asked to vote a chant of "Say no to Bush!"


Wall-e and EVE.

Palin look-alike
Palin stopped by after a "liitle shopping trip to Saks."

Obama look-alike
Then Obama came by to offer a change.

The winner
In the end, Girl on an ostrich won the contest and $1000!

I'm glad I went. I would go again next year now that I know what to expect. I might even wear a costume...
Turns out that Glenn and Stanton made the channel 7 and 11 news and made the 2nd page of the California B4 section of the LA Times!


Blogger jim said...

that's not cinderella, that's snow white.

7:41 PM  
Blogger celia said...

cool pics!

10:48 PM  
Blogger Angel ABC said...

Looks like WeHo was fab! I went to the Boys Town Halsted Halloween parade here in Chicago this year for the first time too! It really was a great setup. They had the street blocked off so you could really be seen. Have to start planning for next year!

7:28 AM  
Blogger chris said...

Dear Kahit Na Ano, I am the girl who was riding the ostrich, thank you for your praise, the costume was hard to build and hard to wear but I had so much fun and it seems to be a crowd pleaser! The pictures you posted are the best I've seen. Thank you again!

12:51 PM  

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