Sunday, November 16, 2008

Elen's birthday

A few of us celebrated Elen's birthday last night. The logistics for this get-together wasn't too bad. A few emails and we pretty much had a place and time set up. A few changes here and there but nothing major. The fire in Anaheim Hills delayed most everyone but thank God that everyone arrived safe and sound.
As I left the house this is what I saw over the house. There was such a contrast form the smoke!

While waiting for the rest of the people to arrive. Matt was looking so innocent while giving the classic rabbit ears to James.
Rabbit Ears!

I made sure his hands was where I could see them.

Lily getting hungry!
Let me in!!!


Best Friends
Best of Friends

With all the appetizers, ramen, drinks, friends and conversations going on at the table, James had time to point out that some guy two tables away was wearing one black sock and one white sock. Yeah, I took the picture!
One white sock, on black sock

With Elen and Carla.
with Elen and Carla

Cutting her birthday cake.
Cutting her cake

Mike and Maria with Elen. If you look behind them, you can see all ramen dishes this restaurant offers, 31 of them!
Mike, Maria and Elen

After a weak attempt at singing "Happy Birthday, " polishing off bowls of ramen, appetizers, and catching up with old friends, we made our way outside to continue in the parking lot. It took 2 tries to get this last picture. I had set the timer too fast and I did not even make it into the shot the first time.

Happy Birthday Elen. Hope you had a good time!


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Hope you weren't trapped in your gated community when the fires came ...

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