Saturday, December 06, 2008

Visiting Berda

Berda got out of surgery pretty late last night so a few of us went to Torrance Memorial this morning. She was still in a little pain and according to the doctors she will be experiencing some discomfort for a while before her reconstructive surgery next year.
James and I picked up Sammi and met up with Stephanie at the hospital. Berda was in pretty high spirits as we were already the third(?) group of visitors that morning. Some people brought cake (Thank you Lydia for that delicious home-made rum cake), snacks and flowers. Hank has been there all night and all morning.
Visiting Berda

Berda seemed in good spirits, though in a little pain. Here was her reaction when instead of flowers I brought her a hula hoop and a paddle ball.
Berda laughing

She is doing very well and in great spirits. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and well wishes!


Blogger Ryan said...

Hula hoop and paddle ball!
You're a awesome friend Angel.


10:49 AM  

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