Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend: Sunday

Jim and Celia threw another family and friends bbq at their place yesterday for the Memorial day weekend. It was family, friends, food, pool, pictures, karaoke, babies, drinks, sights and this time a helicopter.

Sammi and Mimoe (hope I spelled that right) were enjoying the view of downtown when we heard a helicopter buzzing around. It was fairly close and it hovered over a building on 6th & San Pedro, where they were filming on the rooftop.
Memorial Day Weekend (1)

Memorial Day Weekend (2)

Memorial Day Weekend (3)

Memorial Day Weekend (4)

It was over before quickly and we all went inside as the food was ready and more guests arrived.
Memorial Day Weekend (5)

This was the best fruit salad ever! All it needed was some cream from the cheesecake that was right next to it, a little of the cheesecake that was also right next to it... But that bowl did leave the party empty! Hi Cathy.
Memorial Day Weekend (6)

Mom said that with a little more practice, she will be able to beat everyone... right.
Memorial Day Weekend (8)

She challenged me... and won! How did she do that?!
Memorial Day Weekend (9)

I tried to take a reflection shot but all I got in the shot were our heads.
Memorial Day Weekend (10)

Yelena and me after my defeat.
Memorial Day Weekend (11)

Shannon and Penelope. You know Shannon was behind the bar at the last get together...hmmm...
Memorial Day Weekend (12)

Jack taking a turn at the mic.
Memorial Day Weekend (13)

Then the rest of the kids. You know"rabbit ears" when a person isn't looking never gets old!
Memorial Day Weekend (14)

Rene's turn!
Memorial Day Weekend (15)

Then Stevie!
Memorial Day Weekend (16)

We weren't going to let Berda not sing one.
Memorial Day Weekend (17)

No one is letting Hank sing...
Memorial Day Weekend (18)

Our Cousins Rolly and Johanna with Jasmine feeding Julia. They were calling it a night and headed down in the elevator.
Memorial Day Weekend (19)

I was so busy enjoying myself that I did not take a lot of pictures. Since James has been painfully torturing everyone with his decision to buy a digital slr camera without committing to a particular brand or model, he had my camera most of the evening. Hopefully, he picks one soon.
Met some new folks and I am not even going to try to list them all because I will forget someone.


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