Thursday, May 10, 2007

Going back to church

I started attending a church called Cornerstone Community Church back in 1996. A good friend, Stephanie, brought me to a service. I admit I was not very open to attending a Christian church. I grew up in the Catholic Church and even attended a Catholic school from the first grade to sixth. I was even an altar boy for a while. I had grown up equating the validity of a religion by the grandeur of the altar, the statues of all the saints in every alcove, the power in the sound of the pipe organ that is usually in the balcony to the rear of the church.
Cornerstone had their services in the auditorium of a Junior high school. They would set up before service and pack up and leave afterwards, not leaving any hints that they were ever there. As I got to know the pastor and the rest of the congregation the following week became months and so on. I got to know people I now count as friends and there are not a lot of things I would not do for them.

But things change and Cornerstone, at least the Cornerstone I knew no longer exist and that's ok. It happened for a reason. Cornerstone is now known as Ambassador. I stopped attending Cornerstone (now Ambassador) for many reasons, some of those reasons were personal while others were philosophical in nature.
I took to visiting other churches for a while but none has impacted me enough to stay.

I visited a church called Mosaic and I was very impressed and challenged by the pastor and his messages. I found it very helpful that the messages were also available through podcast. I would download all the messages and use them as the basis for my own Bible study.
I did not make any fellowship connections there, I guess I was not really looking for fellowship. After a while, I stopped attending services and would just download the services on my iPod. I figured since I wasn't looking for fellowship I can just download the messages, I know, I know... cop out.

Another friend, Casey, told me of another church that I should visit. She told me that the church that used to occupy the junior high school auditorium before Cornerstone started renting it, is called Catalyst and that they have their services in Long Beach now. She also tells me that there are few people there now who used be at Cornerstone. I guess I have a place to be Sunday morning.


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Finding a Church to call home is difficult. Hope things work out for you and that you will find a place that is uplifting and allows growth.


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