Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ronald Reagan and Storm Troopers

Ronald Reagan Library

This morning we took my cousin who is visiting from the Philippines to the Ronald Reagan Library. I wasn't really all that keen on going but the main selling point was that his de-commissioned Air Force One was on display there... cool! James came along and so another Saturday of going some place we've never been continues...

I wonder if they built the hanger/display around the plane or space was made for it? I heard people say "It's only a 707." C'mon back then it was THE PLANE. It is still a pretty good size.
RRLibrary (7)

They also had Marine One, the helicopter, on display there.
RRLibrary (6)

There was also a replica of the Oval Office when he was in office.
RRLibrary (8)

Then there is the hunkin' piece of the Berlin Wall.
RRLibrary (11)

RRLibrary (10)

RRLibrary (14)

Star Wars Celebration IV

The Star Wars Celebration IV started Thursday for the members of the Star Wars Fan Club and Friday for everyone else. Celia told me that today, the 501st Legion were getting together for their legion photos at 8 pm. So off we went downtown. Even though the convention/Celebration was done for the day, people were still hanging around for the big gathering. Everyone was making their own activities and photo ops for anyone and everyone.

CelebrationIV (1)

There was one guy who was dueling light sabers with anyone. He was doing very well until Austin Powers came along and ran circles around him and tired him out. He tried some teasing Austin Powers into going into the attck but he wasn't having any of that. Celia and I overheard another costumed jedi comment, "His fighting skill was improved since the last time..." or something like that. Celia said that he must have been real crappy before.
CelebrationIV (2)

CelebrationIV (3)

Then there was this guy dressed as a X-Wing pilot(?) on a walker and sucking on a cigarette outside. I don't know why but there is something I find weird about this.
CelebrationIV (4)

Then Celia bumped into Darth Vader.
CelebrationIV (5)

and Chewbacca
CelebrationIV (20)

Since it has been a while, I was wondering if there were going to be anyone going dressed up as Princess Leia in the metal bikini from Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi.
CelebrationIV (7)

CelebrationIV (10)

CelebrationIV (16)

Then there was this guy. Photo taken by Flickr photographer jorge_pina2002.

And still more storm troopers were arriving.
CelebrationIV (9)

Inside the convention center, they were still trying to get the like costumes together.
CelebrationIV (12)

There were bounty hunters.
CelebrationIV (14)

CelebrationIV (15)

Then there were the "Special Ops" Storm Troopers.
CelebrationIV (17)

Some jedis and princessess.
CelebrationIV (18)

Then there were the 501st Legion.
CelebrationIV (19)

Oh yeah, C3PO was there too. Though he looked like he has been having a rough time since the fall of the Empire and had to replace some parts with inferior materials.
CelebrationIV (22)

CelebrationIV (23)

CelebrationIV (24)

I wonder what's going to happen next Saturday?


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