Friday, May 18, 2007

Descanso Gardens

I love it when my friend, Berda calls from out of the blue. Since she has been retired, she has been wanting to go out and do "stuff". Her sister, Ada had tickets for Descanso Gardens and asked if I wanted to go. I've never been so of course I said 'yes'.
I had no idea what to expect so I checked out their website and from the map I thought, "This place is huge!"

DescansoGardens (1)

Looks can be very deceiving! After a half hour of checking out the Boddy House and a little shopping and crafts area, I have yet to see A garden! So we headed for the Japanese Garden.

DescansoGardens (2)

Unfortunately, the Lilac Garden was no longer in bloom. Looking at the "blooming chart" we realized that nothing was blooming! There were the wild flowers but the roses were already in waning! Oh well! We misread one part of the map. We thought we were headed for the Camillia Garden but it was actually the Camellia Forest. It was just that, a forest! I did not see a single camillia, then again I wouldn't know what one looks like so maybe it was just as well. It was not a very impressive or even a pleasant walk through the forest/jungle.

The only photos I was able to muster were...

DescansoGardens (4)

DescansoGardens (5)

DescansoGardens (6)

DescansoGardens (7)

DescansoGardens (8)

I don't think I will be going back there, the only redeeming part of the day was the company.


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