Sunday, April 18, 2010

One more WEEK!!

Ok, everyone! It is almost here! This week, I've gotten to the 75% mark in my training for the Fight For Air Climb. I've logged 1035 steps on the stairs twice last week! This coming week, I'll be concentrating on stamina. 100% will happen at the actual event this Saturday!

Thank you everyone for all you support and encouragement these past 4 weeks! Yes, it was exactly 4 weeks ago when I decided to do this! I will be letting my legs rest this coming week so I won't be at my usual spot at the stairs in Long Beach.

I will be headed out to the Aon Building Saturday morning, I plan on getting there for the 8:00am check in and find out which wave I am assigned to for the climbing order. The Climb is scheduled to send up the last wave of climbers at noon, so the whole climbing event should be over by 2:00pm or shortly afterwards. The ground level streets will be blocked off for a party with food and entertainment for everyone so if you can come down it would be great!

Depending on whether there is signal in the stairwells, I will be updating my climb on Twitter and since they are connected, on my Facebook page too.

Again, Thank you everyone for all your support! I am told that my American Lung Association sponsorhip page will remain open up to the day of the event (hint, hint).


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