Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Flag is Molting!

My dog, Flag is really hating this weather. Being a Siberian Husky, he was made for cooler climates and he is really hating the heat. He has been searching for the coolest spot around the house and he's not doing too well. The patio is pretty much the best place since the floors are made of tile and it is shaded. the problem is by mid afternoon, about 3:00 pm, the sun is at an angle that his shade gets saller and smaller. He has to keep retreating further and further back against the wall. I was thinking of a bunch of things to do from extending the shade coverage to putting a small fan out there for him.
An annoying side effect of this heat on him is that he is shedding... I mean bigtime shedding. I've got fur flying all over the place. My sister took him out for a run last night when it got cooler and I guess they stopped for a while on the front lawn. This morning, as I was leaving for work, I saw a bunch of fur on the lawn. At first I thought a cat caught a bird or that a bird just popped, I thought it was a bunch of feathers. It turned out to be fur.
Maybe I should just put air conditioning in his dog house... hahahaha How is that for spoiling one's dog?

Song of the Day: "The Heat Goes On" by Asia


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