Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Go Over The Barricade

What goes through people's minds when they go into an area that is so obviously "Off-limits"?
The computer lab was still not working properly, so we closed it down. Since there are office adjacent to the computers area, I could not simply lock the doors. There are handrails that surround the computers area and there are four entrances to get to the computers. I had placed 5 computer chairs (2 deep) to block each entrances. Yet every so often I find that I have to call out to students trying to move the chairs to get to and obviously empty computer lab.
I gave them the benefit of the doubt (a lot of benefits) and then placed signs written in bright red marker ink that the "Lab was closed for maintenance" on one of the chairs at each of the entrances. Again, I had to tell students that the lab was closed...
I have the feeling that if I were to put up neon signs and sounds, the students would still ignore it and "run the barricase". What are they thinking? Is it that they just don't think it applies to them personally? Or they just don't care? Are they really that un-observant? Blind? Or better yet, a sense of entitlement?

In a greater scale, I believe that these are the same people that are usually caught on tape doing insanely stupid and dangerous stunts on those funny video shows or written about in articles such as the articles on this page...

Song of the Day: "Everybody's Fool" by Evanescence


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