Monday, May 02, 2005


Once again it is great to be on the "B"-list. Berda scored some tickets to The 21st Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival showing Jet Li's new movie "Unleashed". The movie was great, though since I had some high expectations, I sort of set myself up for a small disappointment.

From the previews and reviews (read promos), I was expecting Jet Li to finally show his "stuff" as far as acting is concerned. It is not something one would expect but come on the quality of his co-stars are so much better in this one. Morgan Freeman rocks! Bob Hoskins is no slouch either! So, I was expecting a lot.
The fight scenes WERE spectacular! Then again, you don't go into a Jet Li movie and expect a really suckie fight scene.
[Spoiler warning]

One of the last fight scene with the cliche pajama wearing priest with a machete was INSANE! Closed quarter fighting in a bathroom where a child would not have enough room to stretch out both arms. Yet they were both inflicting serious damage.

I like the story, though I wanted a little more on a few sub-plots.

When this movie comes out on May 13th I would definitely recommend it.


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