Saturday, January 08, 2005


Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Charity Fashion Show
This year's Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant was kicked off last night but today was their first event. It was a good show. Thank you Berda and Ada for the invite! As this year's Miss Chinatown hopefuls came down the catwalk, my sister and I decided that the contestant with the best calves would get our vote. The show was actually organized much better than the past year's show.
A singer by the name of Ken Oak performed at the event he was ok though there were too many things going on and i did not hear him too well. Laura said he was cute, but she couldn't see his calves ... and that was the end of that.

"I'm never coming back here..."
If you ever need to go to the Macy's Plaza or the Hyatt Regency Downtown, do not park in their parking garage unless you have a lot of time and/or patience. Their automated/no attendant system is very confusing for people who do not like to read instructions. There is not a lot of room for mistakes, like room to get out of the way of other idiots who will also find out that they also have to turn around. I just love people who think that honking their car horns longer will fix the problem.

Laura's new place
Finally got to see my sister's new place. Very nice. 25 foot ceiling, A walk in vault for a closet (nice!), and a killer view on the roof (will post pictures as soon as I get them). I like the second floor space which haven't been built up or partitioned yet. Sammy and I agreed that we could do so much with that kind of space. Still looking for an old firehouse. Now that would be make an awesome place to live.

And the rain just kept comin' down


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