Thursday, June 02, 2005

Need SLEEP!!!

"I'm not the young man I used to be"

Nice saying, but for me it is more like...

"I'm not the young man I never was"

I've done marathons before but four straight 18 hour days in a row is insane! It is getting to the point that the 4 hours (about what I get after the shower/bathroom rituals get done) of sleep I get, do more harm than help.
I figure one or two more days of this and the hallucinations should start kicking in. At least there's a movie on this flight. I think I passed around a petition a while back to extend the days from 24 hours to 36, anyone seen that petition floating around yet?

My sister and I went to "Japanese Dessert Land" again last night -- I know what was I thinking? I had to take a break from schoolwork for a while. The pages were starting to blend into one thick one and I couldn't turn the page, because there was only one... This place is fast becoming a favorite for us. We haven't figured out the entire menu yet, but we are slowly experimenting using the hit or miss method. I had a hot "barley embryo" milk tea and even though it was on the sweet side, it was very not bad.

We used to go to another "late night place" next door.

But I guess this will be the "flavor of the month" for a while.

Well, I have class again tonight til 10:00 hopefully, I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow (no work). I think there is a road trip scheduled...


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