Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This Thanksgiving was at Celia and Jim's this year. Some cousins weren't able to make it his year due to the "out-laws" and other obligations, but I think there were more than enough people.
Here are Jim and Celia setting up.
Thanksgiving (1)
Pre-dinner snack
Thanksgiving (2)
Thanksgiving (3)
Jim and Celia has an awesome view of downtown Los Angeles from their place...
Do you remember the Ghostbuster's firehouse?
Thanksgiving (5)
the view to the west...
Thanksgiving (10)
the view to the north (it's a big panorama so click on the picture)
Thanksgiving (42)
Thanksgiving (43)
Now back to the food...
the main food table
Thanksgiving (17)
desserts... notice one tray is completely empty already...
Thanksgiving (13)
Still couldn't squeeze everybody in...
Thanksgiving (21)
Thanksgiving (23)
Thanksgiving (22)
Thanksgiving (20)
After dinner
On the roof with Jasmine...
Thanksgiving (30)
Then the karaoke machine got turned on...
Thanksgiving (27)
Thanksgiving (28)
Thanksgiving (32)
Thanksgiving (34)
Twinkle, twinkle, little star...
Thanksgiving (38)
with a dance...
Thanksgiving (40)
and of course the bow at the end...
Thanksgiving (41)
Then the turkey working its magic...
Thanksgiving (29)
It was a great Thanksgiving. In case people are wondering James was there, but he was at the food table everytime I took a picture of people eating. Hahahaha! Sorry James, threw you off the bus again.


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