Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pearl Harbor and Germaine's Luau

Pearl Harbor
Celia, Jim amd I went to Pearl Harbor to visit the Arizona Memorial. I had it in my head to get super early in order to get on the first boat to the memorial in order to get a picture of an empty memorial. But stupid me, got all turned around and we almost didn't make it at all. I was so frazzled that I had ignored the fact that I sold Celia and Jim on the idea and I totally messed it up. We ended up on the 4th boat of the day. I am sure I only gave it a half-hearted, tail between my legs apology. Celia and Jim, I am so sorry.

While waiting for our group's turn...
PearlHarbor (1)

This map showed the sequence of events on the island on that day.
PearlHarbor (2)

PearlHarbor (13)

Then I saw Jim talking to someone, thenposing with him for a picture. Someone you know, Jim?
PearlHarbor (4)

PearlHarbor (6)

PearlHarbor (8)

This was the base of a gun turret.
PearlHarbor (9)

Names of all who died on board.
PearlHarbor (11)

One thing the guide said that stuck in my mind as I was getting on the boat to the memorial. He asked that everyone keep their voices down and to remember that it is a gravesite. It wasn't until I saw this that it really hit me that it was a gravesite.
PearlHarbor (12)

Germaine's Luau
After the visiting the Arizona Memorial, I dropped off Celia and Jim at the Banyan Condo and went back to the house. We had a lot of time before the Luau tonight. So, I got caught up with more souvenir shopping for folks back in Los Angeles.
We got on the bus to the luau at 4:30pm. It was going to be an hour ride (because of traffic) to the luau site. Once there...
GermaineLuau (1)

GermaineLuau (2)

GermaineLuau (3)

GermaineLuau (4)

GermaineLuau (5)

GermaineLuau (6)

For some reason, I brought my smaller camera instead of my Nikon. I'm sure more of the pictures I took would have come out better. As it is, these were the only ones that are worth posting.
It was as I remember it. The show was great, the audience participation was hilarious and the food was good. The drinks were stronger than I remember but then again the main thing I remember from the last time I went to this luau was that I got into a fight with my cousin's uncle... Ok, maybe the drinks were stronger then...


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