Saturday, June 09, 2007

Motorcycles and crabs

I am taking a Motorcycle Safety & Training class at Cerritos College. It has been a long time, a really looooooooong time since I rode a motorcycle. I have been wanting to get back "In the Wind" for a while now but I want to do it right so... Motorcycle Safety & Training school it is. It took a while to shake out the cobwebs and get back into the groove of things. Today's word is from Natalie: School.

The Lemon Butter Club had their meeting tonight. It was a great turn out and two new members in Cara and Ruth. We had a record 14 members attend tonights meeting. Role was not called and the minutes were not recorded... we were too busy eating!
Lemon Butter Club 1

Lemon Butter Club 2

Lemon Butter Club 3

Then there's Hank!
Lemon Butter Club 4


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