Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day of deals and fishes

Yard sale
North Torrance had their twice a year block yrd sale and The Soohoos opens up their home and yard to a bunch of the families who wants to or needs to get rid of a few things. It was great seeing some faces I don't get to see often enough.
yard sale (1)

yard sale (2)

It was just too early and Sammi was just getting too chatty.
yard sale (3)

The Lai girls
yard sale (4)
Kathy, Traci and Kristen

Grunion Hunting
Grace suggested a grunion hunt tonight and a few brave souls took her up on it. I've gone to a few grunion hunts in my day but they've ranged from "Where the heck are they?" to "Is that it?" I've never seen these numbers!
We started off on one side of the jetty. The waves were more exciting on this side, though there weren't a lot of grunions coming in and there were a good number of people scrambling for the few that did come to shore. There was a rush to get to them before the next wave came in and took them away.
GrunionHunting (1)

After a while, I went over to the calmer side of the beach to take some long exposure shots of the beach and the Port of Long Beach.
GrunionHunting (2)

GrunionHunting (3)

Then I realized as I was looking past the beach to the port, I did not notice this:
GrunionHunting (5)

So I called the rest of the group and told them that there were more on the other side of the rocks.
Bradley was all over it.
GrunionHunting (6)

Unfortunately, the waves from the other side was already all over him.
GrunionHunting (7)

Uh guys? What are you planning on doing with the ones you've caught?
GrunionHunting (9)

That is NOT going in my car you guys!
GrunionHunting (10)

Everyone got into the beach... I stay dry thank you.
GrunionHunting (11)

Gave away the fishes and the bucket. Cleaning up before getting back in the van.
GrunionHunting (14)

Bradley! you are doing it wrong! This is how you clean your feet! Tickles! Oh, yeah this was also the photo word of the day. Word came from Stevie.


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