Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

There were BIG plans for this year's 4th of July but it got down-graded and eventually cancelled. Which was fine. The BIG plan would have been great but it did involve a certain amount of risk that involved a good amount of pyrotechnics, chance for some heavy fines if not arrests and well... that's it. Truthfully, I am getting way too old for that sort of thing. So, I spent this year's 4th with some friends. We had a potluck dinner/bbq then we walked over a few blocks where we watched the fireworks display by the City of Cerritos.
The city closes a few blocks of Bloomfield Avenue for a street festival. They have booths for games and information by some of the city's organizations. There is a bandstand in front of the library and a band performs for the crowd. Then as soon as it gets dark enough they have a fireworks display at the Cerritos High School baseball field. Afterwards, we headed back to the house for dessert.
The Fourth (1)

The Fourth (2)

Waiting for the fireworks to start.
The Fourth (3)

The Fourth (4)

The Fourth (5)

The Fourth (6)


Blogger Angel ABC said...

I tried to photograph fireworks going off behind my house this year (my attempts posted on my blog). But looking at your shots--it must be nice to have a fancy schmancy camera ...

(Sounds of simmering envy in the background.)

7:55 AM  

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