Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Recapping June

June was a pretty hectic month as far as blogging was concerned. I was trying to get all the photos I needed for the Photo Word a Day Project I gave myself and with all the on-going activities of the summer (Yes, it is here!), I found myself far behind. So here is where I try to get caught up...

Disneyland's Finding Nemo Ride
Disneyland had a lottery for their Annual Pass holders for a chance to ride the new Finding Nemo Ride, using what used to be the 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine ride. Amanda and I both entered. She won a pair of tickets for the morning and I won 4 tickets for the evening.
DisneyJune (2)

DisneyJune (4)

DisneyJune (5)

IT was a good thing that Amanda won the morning tickets because the ride broke down an hour before the evening tickets time slot and we weren't able to get on then. Unfortunately, Celia and Jim were not able to get on the ride at all.

How RUDE!!!
I dislike people who think they are so entitled. I can understand spilling over to the next parking space if the spaces are tight or the angle to get in is difficult. I can even understand if the driver just can't park. But c'mon this was on purpose!

DisneyJune (20)
And this was at the Disneyland Parking Structure! This guy belongs here. I have to get their stickers.

Belmont Shores Beach
On the 16th, James and I took his new Nikon D50 camera out for a spin. We headed to Belmont Shores to see what we can see...
Parasail kites for kitesurfers
BeachSaturday (2)

BeachSaturday (3)

Some boaters
BeachSaturday (5)

BeachSaturday (6)

BeachSaturday (7)

It is also a dog-friendly beach.
BeachSaturday (9)

BeachSaturday (10)

BeachSaturday (11)

BeachSaturday (12)

There were joggers, bicyclists, walkers and strollers. One guy even lost half his surfboard.
BeachSaturday (16)

While this guy rocked out to disco.
BeachSaturday (17)

Then ended the day at Redondo Beach Pier.
BeachSaturday (19)

Dolphins at Huntington Beach
Went to the Huntington Beach Pier on the 23rd. Even though it was overcast, there were a good number of people at the beach. Going down to the end of the pier, I thought I saw something in the water off in the distance. and sure enough there were a good number of dolphins swimming a good distance from the shore but getting nearer. After a while, they started jumping in and out of the water. It was hard trying to figure out where they would pop out next. This was the best I got of them in the air.
Huntington (2)

Huntington (3)

Congratulations Allison!!!
GradParty (9)

GradParty (10)

GradParty (11)

Bachelor Party Dinner
Sammy is getting married! So a few of the guys took him out to dinner.
BachelorParty (3)

That's it for now. Not quite caught up yet but made a good dent. Now, if I can only keep it up...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Parking space -- show the truck's license plate!

10:25 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

I just wanted to point out how some people can be so thoughtless, so like you they will remain anonymous.

1:04 AM  

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