Friday, March 14, 2008

The Rosslyn and the helicopter

Jim twittered that the Rosslyn Hotel had their lights on because of filming. The Rosslyn rarely turn those lights on and I wanted to get a picture of it. Jim and Celia are involved with a downtown community group that have been keeping an eye on studios that overstep and abuse their filming permits in downtown. There were a few film crews working tonight and one of them involved a helicopter hovering over their neighborhood. So we all took a walk and met up with some of their friends.
The Rosslyn from the street.
The Rosslyn from the ground.

Jim and Wonton in front of Blossom.
Jim & Wonton in front of Blossom

5th Street (facing west) from Main Street.
5th Street

For an alley, this one is pretty clean.

From Jim and Celia's. The Light ballon looked like a moon from some angles.
The Rosslyn Hotel

Film crew on the roof of the Rosslyn.
Film Crew


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