Saturday, February 16, 2008

Along the riverbed, My TV and the Moon countdown

I've been taking walks along a nearby riverbed but this is the first time I took my camera along. Usually, I try to get my walk in and get it over with but today I thought I would slow it down a bit and take a look around. There isn't much to see. There are a few parks and a golf course alongside but as rivers go, this one is just "eh". Opposite the main walkway, there are high tension wires and towers and on the walkway itself there are some graffitti (gang and juvenile, wait isn't that the same?). The city tries to keep it nice by putting flowers and nice plants here and there.
The fence separating the walkway and a park.



Week 7 of 52
Walking back home, I notice more and more of these things on top of homes. It also gave me my project's 7th week early. I had the song "My TV" by Vinx already chosen but I had no image yet. So...
My TV by Vinx

Total Lunar Eclipse
There will be another Total Lunar Eclipse next Wednesday. It will take place early in the evening (aout 7:30-ish). The last one took place in August last year and I took a few pictures.
Red Moon

I want to take some pictures again but I was thinking of a different location. Not sure if it will make a difference though. Well, I took a practice shot tonight from the backyard.
almost there


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