Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Shoreline Park and crepes

Shoreline Park
I am meeting up with the Lai family later tonight for dinner at Roscoe's in Long Beach so I thought I would roam around the area before dinner. I haven't been to Shoreline Park in a while and I've never walked to the lighthouse so I thought I would check it out before dinner. Long Beach is getting ready for the Grand Prix so some barriers are already in place along the street. It was starting to get dark so I had to hobble along faster. The Lion's Lighthouse for Sight was built in 2000 and was partially funded by the Long Beach Dowtown Lion's Club.
Shoreline Park Lighthouse

On the other side of the lighthouse is a great unobstructed view of the Queen Mary.
The Queen Mary

It has been a while since I've eaten at the Parker's Lighthouse Restaurant. I've always enjoyed eating there, though I hear that the quality has gone down quite a bit. Anyone have a more recent experience there?
Parker's Lighthouse

I met up with the Lai family and their visitors from New York at Roscoe's for a healthy meal. Tom and Margie have been getting a gastronomical tour of Los Angeles (whether they wanted one or not...). Near the end of dinner, Pink's came up in the conversation and next thing you know there was a faction opting to go right after dinner. There were objections to that suggestion (one) and somehow it was powerful enough to awy the votes to "plan B". We all ended up at La Creperie for dessert.
A noisette.
Noisette from La Creperie

Of course there was the obligatory photo in front.
La Creperie


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