Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve wetlands

There are wetlands across Pacific Coast Highway from Bolsa Chica Beach.
Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve wetlands is a 300 acre coastal sanctuary for
wildlife and migratory birds. There's a wooden bridge crossing over a tidal
inlet and a 1.5 mile loop trail providing spectacular wildlife viewing.
It was unusually warm today so of course that meant going out and taking some picture OUTDOORS! I've always drove past these wetlands and a few times thought to myself that I should check it out some day...

Bridge from the small parking lot to the reserve.

From the beach you can still see that there is snow on the mountains.
snow in the mountains

There are a number of trails that run throughout the reserve's different sections.
pathway south

pathway north


There are also a number of photographers who also took advantage of the great weather. I had major lens envy when I saw this one.... *drool*
lens envy



Another photographer with an indifferent model.


James' and my shadows on one of the many trails.



It got pretty chilly as the afternoon wore on. We think that we may have walked somewhere between 2 -3 miles that afternoon. It could have easily been more if we were wearing shoes better suited for long walks and gotten an earlier start.
The wetlands is a great place to explore. There are picnic tables and benches at certain spots. It isn't dog/pet friendly. There are signs that even state that dogs, even on leashes are not allowed. Otherwise it is a nice place to check out. I certainly plan on going back.


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