Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stephanie and Greg's Wedding

Stephanie and Greg had their wedding down in San Diego Saturday. The ceremony was at Kate O'Sessions Memorial Park. It had a great view of the bay.
The Newlyweds coming down the aisle!
The Newlyweds!

After the ceremony people there was the usual photo ops.
Kristen was the cutest bridesmaid.
bridesmaid Kristen

Mom with Stephanie's parents.
Steph's parents with mom

The guys hamming it up!
bunch of hams!

Rare photo op: The guys aren't all wearing short!
A rare event: the guys aren't wearing shorts!

Just for the record, we own suits.

The guys got so into it they wanted to do a jumping shot... I'm outta here!
They want to do a jumping picture... right!

With Jessica at the park.

Finally got to meet Anita's husband Amit.
Amit and Anita

Then the party continued on at the restaurant for the reception.

John and Joanna
John and Joanne


They grow up so fast!

the newlyweds with Jessica, Anita and Amit

With Celia and Jim
Newlyweds with Jim and Celia

Cake cutting!
Cutting the cake

Prior to the wedding, we've been teasing (ok, I've been teasing) Derrick that since his birthday fell on the same day as the wedding, I was going to bring a bunch of candles and "take" the wedding cake with the bride and groom figures and bring it to him at the reception. Of course he didn't believe me...
I spoke to Stephanie and asked her if we should (ok, I should) bring a cake for Derrick. She said that it was a good idea and that she wanted to do something similar. She recommended her baker. I knew that her wedding cake was not going to have the bride and groom figures so I asked the baker if he had one for the birthday cake...
After the cake cutting, Stephanie had arranged for the DJ to make the announcement that we had a birthday in the house. Derrick did not expect a thing!

Prepping the birthday cake while the cake cutting of the wedding cake was going on.
Derrick's cake

Derrick taking the whole restaurant singing "Happy Birthday" to him in stride but he doesn't see what Kathy is seeing.
He doesn't see his cake yet!

Now he sees it!
Oh my!

Steve delivering the cake!
Say what?!!!

Complete with Bride and Groom "action figures."
I don't believe this!

Kathy! Stop Derrick! We want to eat the cake, not have Angel wear it!
Wait! People want to eat the cake!

Cornerstone tradition
Cornerstone group

With the newlyweds!
With the newlyweds!

Ben & Casey
Ben and Casey

Amit and Anita
My hat sure got around that evening!
Amit and Anita

Got my hat back! With Jessica.
With Jessica

Anita wanted to take a silly shot of Jessica and me.
silly shot!

Ok, that's it Anita, no more pictures, the reception is over and it's time to take it somewhere else.
Hamming it up

It was a great wedding. Lots of food. Lots of fun. Lots of friends, old and new.

I wish the happy couple the best! Stephanie, you have been my friend for the longest time. You've remained when others have fallen by the wayside. I am so happy for the next stage of life you and Greg are about to take. I will always be your friend!


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