Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cross training

Concrete Bashing

I have been getting some great progress with my preparation for my Fight For Air Climb with regards to my training. My recovery time from have been faster and I must admit I'm starting to enjoy it! I know! Me! Enjoying exercise!
Today, instead of hitting the track, I opted for upper body strength training (at the higher floors I will be using/relying on the rails more). My neighbor was removing a driveway that he had installed for a trailer he no longer owns. So he was trying to reclaim some lawn space. So this is what we did...


Using a 10-lb sledge hammer, we broke up about 2 tons of concrete, loaded it on his truck and unloaded it on another neighbor's yard at the end of the street who wanted/needed them. I was feeling pretty good until this evening. I was starting to feel where I will be sore tomorrow. I hope it doesn't last too long. Tomorrow morning is stair training day.
I will be at these stairs tomorrow morning.
Training stairs

I've done it 10 times twice last week and on Monday (which would put me somewhere between the 32nd and 33rd floors of the Aon Bldg). Tomorrow morning, I'm shooting for 15 times. Too bad going down doesn't count otherwise I'm all set! Oh well!

Thank you again everyone for your generosity and "atta boy" support! It really helps quite a bit! 18 more days!!!


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