Friday, July 03, 2009

Losing the Tonnage

I had a New Year's Resolution last year to lose 50 lbs. I didn't even come close! I lost 20 lbs and really did not see any real results form that weight loss. I considered it a FAIL.
This year I am trying again for 50 lbs. I had a slow start with all the weddings, get-togethers, eating out....[excuses]. I've been making some headway the last month or so. I got into an exercise regimen that I can follow (grudgingly) and have been eating out less and less.
I've found that I've been a mindless eater for a long time. I am not mindful of the amounts I shovel in and that's where I get in trouble. I found an online program [Dailyburn] suggested by Dave. I supplement that with an app I downloaded into my iPhone [Lose It]. I can still eat everything I 've always eaten. There wasn't anything wrong with the foods I ate, just the amounts.
I am trying to lose 1-2 lbs a week. I've tried the "lose a ton of weight" diets only to gain it back when I find that I could not sustain the lower calorie intake in the long run. I did not gain all this tonnage overnight and I am sure as hell not going to get rid of it that way.

Now, where did I put that Icy Hot?


Blogger Ryan said...

That's great to hear Angel. Not the fail part, but the decision to start again.
Did I tell you about the bet I had with my mom?
When I was 20 I went to get a tattoo, (it was going to be a giant back quarter piece of a celtic cross). Turns out I didn't have enough money. I told Amber that I went to get one, but didn't have enough money and she was a little taken a back because she didn't even know I was going to get one. She told me that if I still wanted one when I was 30 that she would support me. So the count down began. During those 10 years, we turned my mom's house into a duplex, and we now live, kind of, with my mom (we have our own kitchens and stuff, and can go a week without seeing eachother). Anyways, my mom is wayyyyy against tattoos. I made her cry once when I put a fake tribal band on my arm.

So even though I had Amber's approval, I knew that I could never really get one, and still honor my mom, so I made a deal with my mom. I said, "Mom, if you loose 60 pounds by my 30th birthday, I'll never get a tattoo." She said, "deal!" before I even had a chance to take a breath.

Well, long story short, June 6th (one day early), my mom brought me a signed note from her Doc saying that she lost 61 lbs over 18 months. Pretty cool huh?

Anyways, I'm sure you hear lots of stories, and maybe they are more of a discouragement than encouragement, but you can do it man. Find some incentive and go for it. My mom has tried to lose weight for weddings, reunions, etc. But it took her wanting to save my body, (and, truth be known, over the months that shifted to, "live to see her grandkids grow") to actually stick with it.

Love you man.

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