Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I had such high hopes for this year...Part II

Well, as it turns out yesterday's list was not enough...

  1. We thought my sister's cancer was all gone, but it wasn't. Now she has to go through radiation treatment.
  2. My other sister is still taking the death of the family dog pretty hard.
  3. I don't really see any improvement with my health.
  4. And now my dad is in the hospital for chest pains.

These were just from yesterday!

I am so glad that I get so much mental, emotional and spiritual help from friends and family. Otherwise I'd be such a basket case. Though I've been told from certain sources that I am a basket case.

Retreat Stories, Part IV: The Emergency Waiting Room

... It was as if a bomb went off. There was about 15 seconds of uneasy silence. I guess they weren't expecting me to just jump in their conversation. So, I explained further, "Ladies, it is 3:30 in the morning, I was just about to doze off and you had to mention coffee." ... Uneasy smiles from them.

"I'm sorry but you just happened to mention one of my addictions and I couldn't let it pass."

So, the late night/early morning conversation went from:

  1. a person's addiction to coffee.
  2. her working at Starbuck's (what were the odds?).
  3. life in Big Bear.
  4. jobs in Big Bear.
  5. high schools in Big Bear (see a theme developing here?).
  6. social life in Big Bear.
  7. boyfriends (their lack of them... heh heh heh)
  8. and finally, what they were doing in a hospital emergency waiting room at 3:30, well by this time 4:00 am.

So their story begins...

I was house-sitting for a friend who was out of town for the weekend and I had Tammy come over to keep me company. We were watching TV when all of sudden we hear screams coming from the backyard. We saw the house owner's cousin on the ground and he was bleeding from his mouth. So we called the police.

Apparently, what's his name (the owner's cousin), was drunk out of his head came over to "hang" with his cousin not knowing that he was out of town. What's his name came in through the back gate and that's where the dogs were.

The dogs?

Yeah. A rotweiller and a German shepherd.

*queue in dramatic organ music*

Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal 'cause the dogs know him. He said he was playing with them too. Until...

Yeah! Until one of them bit him in the lip!

*guarded laughing*

He is a pretty tall guy. About 6 feet tall, the only way either of those dogs could have bit his lip would be if he was sitting down and there were no chairs out there or he was on all fours playing with them.

*she stops to make sure everyone composes this image in their heads*

So I'm thinking he's on all fours playing with these dogs, face to face with his alcohol breath and one of them decided that this boy reeks and bit him!

It was at this point that Tony and Letisha came out of the emergency room to see me and two other ladies laughing our heads off in the waiting room. Tony asked me if I wanted to stay a while...

To be continued...

Disclaimer: The preceeding is not an accurate accounting of what took place, but rather how my memory recorded it.


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