Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm Not There Yet

I am not there yet.
I have been practicing and exercising my patience.
I was driving on the 605 Freeway as I usually do every morning to go to work, when a car cut into my lane coming very close to my car. My first reaction was to lay on the horn and give this person the "salute" but I stopped myself. For no other reason than, I was too lazy to roll down the window, change lanes, speed up alongside this "driver" and then put on my enraged face.
I thought I would just stare into his rear view mirror and exaggeratedly shake my head so he can see what I was doing. Then I stopped myself again. Like this person who already decided to cut people off would care whether or not the people he just cut off (me) approve of what he had just done… right.
I thought hard and came up with the following reaction…
I prayed to thank God that I was not hurt. I prayed to thank God that no one else was hurt. I prayed that this person gets to where he needs to go in one piece without hurting anyone else. I kept thinking about that last part over and over again until I felt that I really meant it. I made that driver’s safety one of my concerns. By the time he was no longer in sight, his safety was something I really cared about. I hope he got to his destination safely.


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