Saturday, November 05, 2005

Food Posting

Ok, I'm posting some food stuff because the one who is supposed to be doing so hasn't been doing his job.

Anyway, James and I have been going to Maxim's in Rowland Heights for a while now. It has become a source of "comfort food." Their menu has a lot of variety, I would have liked to have been around when the menu was being developed. I picture a bunch of people yelling out names of dishes machine gun style and some poor guy trying to write it all down.
During one of our visits just as we were leaving, one of the waiters walked by with a plate with a big chunk of meat on it. After, James and I did our usual double takes, we asked the waiter what section of the menu that chunk was written in.
He said it was on the "special menu." I guess we were too busy working our way through the king sized menu that we never got around to checking out "menu #2."
Well, James I tried it and here it is....
It was not bad though the sauerkraut was a bit on the too sour side, it overpowered the sauce.

Celia had the skewers...

Maxim's Cafe
18904 Gale Avenue
Rowland Heights, CA


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thanks for the cds. their awesome ;D

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