Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Foggy foggy foggy...

It was foggy this morning.
I guess it is a signal that fall is really here (at least in Los Angeles). I like this time of the year. It isn't freezing but sweaters and jackets can be taken out for the evening, scarves come out. I like scarves, though I never got comfortable wearing them. Something about a “blustery” day that really gets me going. My favorite time of the year would be fall/winter, which is odd coming from an island boy like me. For the most part I grew up in Guam and it was all about the beach there. Guam only had three seasons; sunshine, rain, and more rain.
I think I associate Fall/Winter with freedom. The first trip I ever took that required more than two hours of travel without my parents was a trip to Big Bear in the winter (junior high). The first time I was “allowed” to go out and hang with my friends without supervision was for the Friday night football games at school. I was given a curfew, but it was very liberal and it was every week!
These days I like the cool days and chilly evenings. I like watching the fog over golf courses or large areas of grass/trees, for some reason fogs like that. I enjoy being at the beach in the late afternoon/early evening just so I can see the fog come in. There are a lot of great things that I associate with this season. One thing I look forward to each winter is a trip to Lake Tahoe with some very, very good friends. Even though I don’t ski anymore, I still manage to have a lot of fun. When it comes down to it, it’s the company that makes the trip, not to mention the drive up.

Driving to work this morning, there was some fog that obscured the top of the palm trees that line a long street between my house and the freeway. I know how tall those trees are on that street, but with the fog I would imagine they were so much taller.

Have a great blustery day!


Anonymous natalieeee said...

that was my moms bday ;D

10:21 PM  
Anonymous natalieee said...

tahoe is always very very fun. very very very. lOL

8:04 PM  
Anonymous traci =] said...

heyy uncle angel. ahha. i thought you knew i was going to arizona? lol. that's why me and alfalfa were like.. ohh ih'm gonna miss you next week. ? haha remember that? maybe not. lol. well yea arizona thurs through sunday for a band comp. see you next next week. adios.

10:10 PM  

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