Sunday, April 08, 2007

San Francisco Airport pick up

A real good friend, Jessica, was coming down from Vancouver and due to Easter and my going to Tahoe, then Hawaii for my cousin's wedding, the only day I was going to be able to see her was Saturday. I asked had asked Steph, Jim and Celia if they wanted to come along...
I don't think I have ever seen the traffic into San Francisco by way of the "bridge" so backed up, but then again, I don't come up here often enough to really make a comparison.

San Fran (1)

We had some time before Jessica and her mom's flight came in so we roamed around Fisherman's Wharf for a while.

San Fran (2)

Once we had Jessica in tow, we headed for North Beach. Celia suggested an Italian restaraunt that had some very tasty drink specials... Mojitos.

San Fran (3)

Me and Jessica

San Fran (6)

After dinner we must have stopped at 3 places that either had desserts, candy or desserts and candy. Then we ended up having some gelato. With a little bit of time before we needed to start heading back to Los Angeles, we took Jessica up to the Coit Tower for the city view.

San Fran (8)

San Fran (7)

So we were getting ready to take Jessica back to her mom's friend's place, when we told Celia that we came across a mailbox that has been made up to resemble R2D2 from Star Wars. So of course Celia wanted a picture.

San Fran (9)
"Obi-Wan you are my last hope..."

Once we got Jessica back to her mom's friend's place, we headed back.

It was a fun road trip and it was especially great seeing Jessica again.
Hey Jessica! Anytime you need to be picked up at any of the California airports just let me know!


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